The HOPICAMP project led by UTILIS has been selected by “La Région Grand Est” for financial ressources from the European Union. The financial support  from the European Union amounts to 70,000 euros.

The purpose of this project was to develop products that could respond to all types of crisis situations. As of right now, field hopistals are limited in terms of emergency and mobility because they must meet the same standards or requirements as traditional hospital. During the HOPICAMP project, Utilis’ objective was to contribute to the improvement of hygiene conditions by developing a mobile, rigid, and insulating structure with impermeability, sound and thermal insulation, and physical resistance properties, while limiting contamination by pathogens. 

We went through a set of four generations of different prototypes. These prototypes, originally planned for material validation, have subsequently integrated logistics optimization solutions in order to develop functionable and marketable Equipment. Already used by many of our customers, the presence of an automated interface in the system and the ease of deployment allow us to affirm that there has been a great technological impact. 

The technical objectives were achieved  since panels were custom-developed during the project and implemented in two versions:

  • The TARDIS, mixed solution panels and canvas for field hospitals or humanitarian projects
  • The DeconCube, a solution entirely composed in panel technology, with pre-hospital decontamination application


Our TARDIS and DeconCube products have been presented at various national and international fairs. Since the end of the project, the developed products meet the marlet requirements and has led to slaes in 4 Parisian hospitals. Moreover, the 2024 Summer Olympics in France will have a great impact on sales prospects. Two projects have been sent to the Olympic Committe to obtain an approval of our products for their integration in the security system during the Olympics.