Equipment that adapts to your use and the territories in which you use our products.

UTILIS – Accessories

To acompany the tent supply, UTILIS has the capacity, the technical expertise and the experience to select and provide all the equipment that fits our tents and the use that you want on all types territories on which you want to deploy them.

It includes the provision of systems such as :

  • Energy generators (fossil or green energy)
  • Luminaries
  • Fire alarm detectors
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • NBC filtration units for collective protection applications
  • Water pumps
  • Water heater
  • Water supply pipes
  • Water recovery pumps
  • Water storage systems and potabilisation
  • Or any other specific product that you want to integrate with our products

Our optimized study according to your needs will allow you to make sure that all the elements that make up your system are compatible with each other.


UTILIS offers a range of customized packaging that meets your demands in terms of handling, storage and transport. All packagings are designed for loads in ISO maritime containers or airlift solutions, civil or military.

In any case, the packaging methodology carried out by UTILIS is intended to minimize the packaged volume and allow the stacking of the elements in a secure way.

  • All items are provided with labeling indicating dimensions and weight.
  • Electrical appliances and other sensitive items have extra protection against shock.
  • Your products are packaged in reusable wooden boxes if there is no additional request formulated

Reduced logistic footprint

We have recognized skill to reduce the logistic footprint of the systems we deliver to our various customers across the globe. When designing, we provide solutions for our equipment to be mounted without the use of a handling vehicle.

Drop tests of specific loads are also made to meet the requirements of our customers.

A loading plan associated with drawings can be provided to allow the users to pack the materials  in the same manner as the delivery. 

All our loading plans ensure the optimization of the following parameters :

  • Center of gravity
  • Lashing straps depending on the load
  • Weight limits
  • Etc.