UTILIS supports its customers in all activities related to the deployment and use of its equipment.

UTILIS – Services

We have dedicated teams that can take action at any time for assembly, repair, maintenance and operational support of equipment. We also offer to do the cleaning of you equipment and operational reconditioning.

Our experience ( NSPA camp deployment of 500 people, cleaning and camp assembly in Belgium, installation of hangars in Mali, installation of medical antenna for Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc.) guarantees a tailor-made service and an ability to intervene in areas that are difficult to access and with very complicated logistical constraints.

UTILIS provides all the services to ensure the realization of your project.

  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Technical support
  • Customer service
  • Factory or on-site maintenance
  • Operational reconditioning aafter use of the equipment
  • Cleaning
  • Operational support

UTILIS provides a training about the operation and maintenance for each materiel.


UTILIS provides a training on all its systems. Users can therefore be faster in the use of the equipment and acquire the methods of optimization of it. We also provide explanations on the first levels of maintenance to be performed as well as the safety rules related to the use of each equipment.

The training is composed of a theorical part with a training support and we give the necessary time to the practical part so that your teams can carry out the operations autonomously after each explanation and thus to make sure that the practice is well acquired.

An end-of-training test is conducted to ensure participants’ understanding. A useful checklist is provided to participants. At the end of the training successful participants will receive a certification.

The serious training we provide then allows your teams to train themselves internally. Each person we have trained then becomes a trainer for the rest of your staff.Maintenance


UTILIS also performs maintenance activities throughout the life of the product.

We offer to do the maintenance contracts for various sectors of activity : assembly, air conditioning maintenance, electricity, cleaning, operational restoration.

Maintenance operations are carried out on site or in the factory.

You have the guarantee that your products are followed by qualified people and this reduces your costs related to the use because your products are always ready for use and have a regular follow-up which limits the major problems.

We have maintenance contracts, whether in France with various organizations, but also abroad.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of products that can be used for our activities :

  • Air conditioning (we are authorized and certified)
  • Heating
  • Electricity (we are authorized and certified)
  • Lifting system (we are authorized and certified)
  • Tents

Operational support

UTILIS provides operational maintenance of facilities during their on-site operation.

Our technicians have the experience to intervene in complicated environments and are themselves trained and certified to work on your equipment. Thanks to the continuous training applied by UTILIS, they are able to offer you the operational maintenance on site.

We also carry out the deployment of camps or hospitals at the request of our customers.

These deployments are carried out either in connection with local partners under the direction of our technicians and engineers, or only with UTILIS teams.


Every material we supply comes with its user manual.

It includes the assembly instructions, the maintenance operations, as well as the list of components with their item code and an associated photo of each element. The work of users for assembly and maintenance operations is thus facilitated.

We meet the most specialised requirements in this sector, such as the issuance of MAT 10 000 documents or the provision of NSPA standard documents such as the MDS “Material Data Sheet”, the ILS “Illustrated Logistic Support” or the IPD “Illustrated Part Design”.

These documents allow the transmission of the necessary information to all the maintenance and support operations of the equipment that has been provided. Maintenance operations are performed more easily.