UTILIS is a pioneer on the realization of tactical shelters in metallo textile structure.


UTILIS – Shelters

UTILIS is a pioneer on the realization of tactical shelters in metallo textile structure.

UTILIS was the inventor of the shelter using this conception : an exterior frame and a canvas hanging under the tent. This design provides fast assembly while maintaining resistance to snow and wind in compliance with current standards.

Our shelters are designed on the basis of a module 6 m wide by 3 m long.

We offer monobloc sets of 18 m², 36m² or 54 m².

Thanks to their modularity, it is possible to obtain surface tents that can extend endlessly by interconnecting the modules.

These shelters are also connectable to each other, in the sense of lenght or width. It allows infinite possibilities of configuration.

These coupling are made by waterproof connection skirts, while maintaining the mechanical properties of the tent.

Quick assembly

The assembly system has been developed so that a person without training can be able to perform this assembly operation.

Our shelters require very little operational support even in extreme weather conditions :

  • 2 people for a 18 m² shelter
  • 3 people for a 36 m² shelter
  • 4 people for a 54 m² shelter



Reliability and Security

To ensure our customers realibility and optimum safety, these products have been subjected to a multitude of independent tests :

  • U.S. Natick tests – considered one of the stricter
  • CSTB Nantes wind resistance test
  • Snow resistance test
  • CSTB Nantes thermal coefficient of the shelter test : U : 1W/M2/°
  • Assembly and dismounting time test with et without lamp
  • Visual detection test
  • Impermeability test
  • Resistance test



The concern for quality and innovation allowed us to be the precursors in :

  • The assembly time of a metallo textile shelter in less than 5 minutes.
  • The development of isolated shelter.
  • The shelter with a thermal coefficient of U = 1W / M2 / °C identical to traditional structures standards in its version witha thermal flys and an isolated inner liner.
  • The autonomous shelter with renewable energies.
  • Air conditioning that consumes 50% less energy than its competitors.
  • The hybrid product between the shelter and the TARDIS container.


There are several shelter ranges : TM, TMS, TMSLC, TMX, TMV, TL/TXL, etc.). We invite you to contact us to discover these products.



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