Custom hangars available for purchase or rental

UTILIS – Hangars

UTILIS offers tailor-made hangars that you can purchase or rent for applications that require sophisticated specifications: high wind resistance, specific humidity, reduced assembly time, very low energy consumption, assembly in very harsh climates.



Our hangars are made of aluminium profile structures. The building envelope can be made of flexible material (PVC) or traditional cladding.


We use « KEDER » technology to make the connection between the aluminium profile and the flexible envelope. It allows a quick installation of the products and also the possibility to disassemble the hangar once your tasks are done.  

Our structures have a width ranging from 1 to 50 meters.

The structures can be embellished with all the following accessories : heating, thermal insulation, solar panels, air conditioning, hygrometry controlled, large door, total oening (clamshell) for your aicraft. aéronefs.

These structures have practically an unlimited lifespan.

They can be transported in 20 or 40 feet ISO containers.