Collective protection systems intended for use in hostile environments.

UTILIS – Collective Protection

UTILIS provides collective protection systems.

These systems are intended for use in hostile environments where CBRN-type accidents may occur. Their function is therefore to serve as a refuge for people who face a toxic outside environment. They are composed of one or more tents that have the characteristic of having a cover resistant to different CBRN agents and an air treatment system.



ColPro technologies incorporate special filters to clean contaminated air and thus high-pressure fans to get clean air inside protected areas. The fans also allow overpressure to prevent any infiltration of contaminated air from outside.

To obtain collective protection, al UTILIS tents must be pressurized with a filtration unit to maintain positive pressure and cope with chemical and biological agents. The installation of these filtration units is fast and can be installed upstream. Tents for collective protection can also connect to command posts, dormitories or decontamination units.

This shelter has a duration of resistance to external CBRN attacks of 72 hours.

It is also possible to couple this process to a people decontamination system..

People can wear their CBRN clothing, go outside the shelter and then enter it again by taking decontamination line consisting of a portico of neutralization, an undressing zone, a dressing area and an airlock to be able to integrate the so-called « clean » area again.

Collective protection systems allow to breathe non-toxic air and prevent contaminated particles, liquids or fumes from hiding in ColPro spaces.