Discover our products and their technical characteristics

UTILIS has developed a wide range of connectable and complementary products to meet all the specificities of deployment in all worldwide theaters.

Our products are the leaders in terms of flexibility and assembly responsiveness.


The TM shelter, available in modules pf 18, 36 and 54 m², is the backbone of the UTILIS range. Tahnks to its innovating design, the shelter can be set-up in a record time of 3 minutes, which, added to its versatility, makes it a very attractive product for both novice and experienced military customers.

TM shelters can be interconnected and it is very easy to change interior dividers that can bring other modularities. The principle of TM shelter is a patented design by UTILIS.


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The TMS shelter has been designed according to the same principle as the TM shelter, but this time with vertical walls to increase the habitability and to have better flexibility in use.


The shelter is available with variants such as removable gable to allow an end to end over an unlimited length, creating a “tunnel” shelter 6m wide, continuous and without partitioning. The shelter can be assembled in a few minutes, without the need for specialists, tools or special handling equipment.


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TMLC and TMSLC shelters are entry-level products designed to fully meet customer expectations through performance, with minimal investment. The TMLC shelter has sloped walls, and the TMSLC version has vertical walls for better habitability. Both products keep UTILIS concept of external modular frame.

They can therefore be mounted very quickly with modules connected to infinity, with no limit on the length, thanks to removable gables and common frame elements.


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The SM tent is a small tactical shelter, often used as an entrance vestibule, as a liaison interface or as a corridor. The shelter is available as a single bay (length 210 cm), double (420 cm) or triple (630 cm) that can be directly connected to the other products of the UTILIS range.

The possibility is also offered to connect them to operational vehicles through a connection skirt.


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These tactical shelters are based on the same principle of construction as the TM range, with implementation in less than 50 minutes without the use of specialized tools or handling equipment.

The shelter is available in large working width (8.7m TXL / 6.8m TL) and a comfortable working height (4.5m TXL / 4m TL) and the length can be adjusted by the addition of bays of 5m each. Shelters are generally used as command centers, workshops and briefing rooms.


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The TMV shelter has been specifically designed for the deployment of large long-term camps in complicated climatic environments. The design is based on a gantry type aluminium or steel structure resistant to extreme forces (110 kg/m² snow load, 190 km/h wind load).

It is combined with a textile structure composed of three layers for optimal thermal performance and an unprecedented level of comfort. TMV shelters are available in 6m or 10m width and 2.5m or 3.5m height, but also other sizes on request.


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The TMX is a tool-free, rapid-deployment, MHE-less shelter designed specifically for tactical operations in extreme environments. It is characterized by a structure in rigid modular with high strength, reduced weight, which allows to insert or remove bays as needed.

The shelter can be interconnected on all sides and optimized for easy handling and storage using common modes of transport (ISO 20 feet, Bicon, Tricon and 463L pallet).


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Hybrid solution all servitudes of a camp for short, medium and long term uses. Its frame structure is both strong  and simple, thanks to its pre-assembled PVC cladding. It provides a high degree of strength and resistance thanks to its particularly reliable watertighness system. Thanks to the use of handling equipment, this structure can be mounted in about ten minutes, and has a rigid floor raised above the ground.


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The UTILIS rapid-deployment 10-feet decontamination container offers a new approach to achieving optimal decontamination capability. The reduced footprint of the system ensures that it can be maintained in working order and allows a single person to put it in operable state in just 15 minutes. The system can work with only 2 people in operation.


  • Passage from 2 lines for valid victims to 1 line for disabled victims in 5 minutes
  • 5 zones (undressing area, show area, drying/dressing area, technical/utilities area, storage area)
  • Mains connection systems or full autonomy
  • Fully insulated
  • Easy-clean surgace
  • Hot water provided by an instantaneous water heater with connectivity to existing electrical mains
  • Outdoor storage with frost protection
  • Handling with 2 people with wheel kit option


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The mobile decontamination unit is composed of a transferable cell arranged on a cabin chassis, each cell is divided into two technical compartments :

  • A logistics compartment located at the rear of the cell containing all the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the unit (generator, water system, heating, control panel, …). All equipment is integrated into the cell and remains permanently in operation except the generator which will be deposited by a 10m electric cable.
  • A shower compartment at the front of the cell equipped with side extensions allowing the creation of a reception area, a undressing compartment, a compartment with a shower for decontamination and a shower for victims rinsing, a dressing area and reception area for victims.


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The transportation bag for contaminated casualties is used in case of nuclear, biological or chemical risk. It is suitable for all types of standard stretchers.

As part of the project of land or air transport of contaminated victims (pressurized cabin and normal flight conditions), the depressurized envelope is intended to isolate the contaminated victim and protect people outside.


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The BERCE decontamination unit has been created to decontaminate victims near disaster areas (chemical, biological or nuclear accident) in order to limit the spread of contamination as fast as possible.

It is intended for emergency services, as part of an emergency plan, for missions of limited duration.

It is a system that, apart from use, is easily stored and requires little maintenance.


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The CERPE decontamination unit is a 20-feet maritime container with high mechanical strength for land and sea transport thanks to its 8 ISO corners.

The decontamination system consists of the CERPE itself as well as 2 TM36 shelters. The facility allows you to have three valid victim lines or a valid line and a disabled victim line.


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