UTILIS S.A.S is one of the world leaders in design, manufacture, installation and operational maintenance of tents and camps.

The company

With over 20 years of experience, UTILIS is specialized in the development of innovative solutions with unequalled rapidity of deployment, offering products tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers. We are one of the world leaders in providing tactical, semi-permanent and permanent solutions for camps in the military, civil security and NGO sectors.

To develop our camps, we select our suppliers of complementary equipment (electricity, air conditioning, heating, etc.) with the greatest attention to provide solutions quickly deployable, durable and that require little on-site maintenance.

Our range of products goes from the individual tent of 5 m² to the camp to accomodate more than 2000 people. We offer all services associated with this type of camp : operational maintenance, staff for cleaning premises, logistics, assembly team.

Our range of products allows various uses : field hospitals, individual and mass decontamination, camps, CBRN collective protection, headquarters, etc.

UTILIS SAS is headquartered in Ennery, 20 km from Metz and 50 km from Luxembourg.

This site based at the crossroads of Europe is also the logistics base for all UTILIS international projects.

The Ennery complex includes :

  • 600 m² office
  • 1550 m² production workshop
  • 3900 m² logistics platform
  • 800 m² covered storage hall

An effective organization :

UTILIS has developed by setting up an organization that leads to the success of our projects. Our team is made up of people with specialized skills to enable the deployment of complex camps on demanding grounds.

  • Jungle of Calais (France)
  • Trident Junction NATO exercise
  • EBOLA equipment (Sierra Leone / Liberia / Guinea)


Certifications & Labelling

The company UTILIS has a constant concern for quality, which has le dit to be ISO 9001 certified since 2014.

UTILS also has all of its designs and products certified by independent firms.

  • Calculation notes certified by independent consulting firms
  • Thermal coefficient tests of tents in climatic chambers


We work continuously on the training of our teams and the implementation of powerful and innovative tools to enable us to be one of the most innovative companies in the sector of rapid deployment tents.

  • Realization of our projects under Solidworks 3D
  • Realization of assembly instructions
  • Realization of prototypes
  • Trademark and patent filing